德宝冷链 重磅亮相 2015第20届中国(上海)零售业博览会

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Luoyang DeBao cold-chain Co. Ltd.,located in Luoyang Airport Industrial Zone, is a collection of scientificresearch, design, production, sales for the integration of manufacturingenterprises. Founded in 2001, by virtue of the professional and maturetechnology, it rises rapidly in the field of refrigeration technology. Relyingon science and technology for development, our constant pursuit is to providesatisfactory products for customers continuously. In the base of the fullintroduction of foreign advanced technology, we have successfully developed aseries of products of commercial food preservation display cabinet, and hasbeen widely used in domestic supermarket, commercial cold storage, and exportedto many countries ,like USA, Canada, Australia, South America, Middle East,Central Asia, Africa, etc.. First class quality and exquisite technology is ourcommitment to customers.

"Longhua Debao" commercial food displaycabinets, adopt current high-end technology and make improvement, selection ofinternational brand-name accessories, which in combination make therefrigeration is more stronger ,the operation is more reliable and energysaving is more significant. The companystick to establish the "quality first, customer supreme, thoughtfulservice, honest and trustworthy" business philosophy, always adhere to theprinciple of "sell a device, make a friend, set a banner, boom amarket", is committed to providing high quality products to customers. Weinnovate continuously and take technology as the core, quality as the life, customer as God, to wholeheartedlyprovide the cost-effective refrigeration products, high quality cold storageengineering design and meticulous service for you.